County Kitchen Santa Rosa Ca


Our local community is important to us and sourcing as much as we can from our home is key to making The County Bench Kitchen + Bar a special place. We realize that Sonoma County is the epicenter for fresh food, ingredients, wines, and craft beers. From the start we knew that Sonoma County was going to play an integral part in our restaurant; this wonderful community we call home has been a part of our vision since day one.

Given our unique topography and Mediterranean climate this is the ideal location to source our herbs, vegetables and fruits. Likewise, our local meat and fish are the perfect choice because our farmers and fishermen are skilled and handle their herds and catch with care. We hand selected some of Sonoma County’s finest wines and varietals because they are recognized throughout the world. Our local products are worthy of distinction because the local suppliers we work with operate with the utmost skill.

Sourcing locally, creating jobs, bringing business downtown and building something special in Santa Rosa are just some of the goals we have set for ourselves. None of these goals are achievable without help from our partners, farmers, employees, and customers. With each new item on the menu and every customer who walks through our door we will continue to build Sonoma County into something greater together.


Partnership with Sonoma County Farm Trails:

Farm Trails is an organization formed by farmers to increase awareness and drive traffic to our local, Sonoma County Farms. The County Bench is proud to be partnered with Sonoma County Farm Trails utilizing many local farms in our menu on a daily basis.