County Kitchen Santa Rosa Ca


At The County Bench Kitchen + Bar we draw inspiration from our local farmers, fisherman, wine makers, and brewers. We believe the best food comes from the best ingredients and that the best ingredients come from right here in our own backyard. In our kitchen, we highlight quality, local ingredients and make sure that they are prepared and cooked perfectly.  We aren’t interested in overwhelming our guests or the ingredients that compose our food. We want our food and your experience to be approachable.  We welcome all local ingredients into our humble home and we welcome all to join us for a truly crafted experience. It’s pretty simple really… local people + clean ingredients + timeless technique = The County Bench Kitchen + Bar


At The County Bench Kitchen + Bar we believe the final product is only as good as each of the elements that go into it. When it comes to our extensive drink list we don’t compromise on our ingredients, rather we make sure each can stand on its own and that the final drink is greater than the sum of the parts. We know the details matter which is why utilize crushed ice for some drinks and block ice for others. We even go as far as to make our own ice in-house ensuring that we can create clear, hand cut blocks that fit perfectly into our glasses. Yes, the details matter.

More of a wine drinker? We showcase the best Sonoma County and the surrounding areas have to offer, and include varietals whose native European terroirs create classic wines of traditional expression. Instead of casting a wide net, we wanted to focus on a few classic regions to showcase a breadth of producers and depth of vintages. We not only offer four small production local wine stars from tap, but also have a constantly changing seasonal selection of eight additional premium or cellared wines from our wine preservation cabinet. These wines are chosen specifically to accompany Chefs Ben’s seasonal menus.

We are passionate about beer, too. Our every expanding beer list is continuously updated with both classic European benchmarks and artisanal micro brews from all over the United States. Cheers!